Malaysian Festival (MFest)


In 2013, NMS broke away from the norm and chose not to organise the annual Malaysian Night production in favour of Malaysian Festival (MFest). At its core, though, MFest aspired to fulfill the same objectives as those in MNight: to showcase our society’s multifaceted talents and creativity, bring together Malaysian and non-Malaysian friends alike as well as bring some of Malaysian culture to the United Kingdom.
This event commonly attracts people from all walks of life- not just Malaysian students but also members of the general public- who stopped by to sample some Malaysian food from the various stalls or simply watch the various dances and processions put together by our talented performers.


MFest 2013

The first MFest was held successfully in March 2013, with a full-day schedule of traditional and modern performances at Nottingham’s iconic Old Market Square.

MFEST 2014 & MFEst 2015

In similar fashion, MFest was held once more at Old Market Square for the year 2014. The response was overwhelming, with an estimated 3000 people being in audience of the festival. 

For 2015, NMS decided to hold the event at Portland Building, University Park campus, to better promote cultural awareness among the university's students. MFest was held over 4 days, from the 16th to the 19th of March. 


MFEST 2016

In 2016, MFest once again returned to Old Market Square, dazzling all with the array of activities. A variety of games were available for the public to try their hands at, and many performances- both contemporary and traditional- were on show.


MFest 2017

MFest 2017 returned to the Portland Building at University Park Campus, University of Nottingham. This time, it was held over two days- the 4th and 5th of April 2017. 


Nottingham and Malaysia Day 2018 & MFEST 2018

In 2018, NMS partnered with the University of Nottingham in organising the Nottingham and Malaysia Day, where NMS provided games, handicrafts and food. The event was held at the Djanogly terrace in the University Park campus, and increased cultural awareness towards Malaysia. The highlight was definitely the durian fruit, which was graciously sponsored by the University of Nottingham, as many tried this infamous national fruit of Malaysia.

MFest -with the theme Citrawarna Malaysia- was also held the following Saturday at a new location Beeston Town Square. Despite the rain, there was a good turnout of locals as well as UoN students wanting to try their hand at the games, handicrafts, food as well as performances.